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Discover what athletes on the fast track, aka Rapid Risers, do that separates them from the Pack

This summer, every camper will receive your own copy of the Rapid Risers Handbook, lifted directly from the pages of my new, not-quite-finished book.  In it, you can discover how to:

  • quickly gain ground on, and pass your competitors using the attribute that Rapid Risers possess to be successful in wrestling
  • discover what the top level athletes do, that others aren't willing to (this is what separates them from the pack)
  • quickly implement a system of wrestling that can have you jumping levels fast.
  • discover your path to becoming a rapid riser

2019 Summer Camp Schedule is now set! Scroll to the bottom and save the dates on your calendar!

You can download the Summer Camp brochure here

Randy’s Attack System Summer Camps

Now is your chance to Master the explosive Attack System Takedown series


Introducing: 2019 Takedown Master Camp,
June 16-19, 2019 (HS/Junior High)

***registration is closed

Now's your chance to learn:

  • A simple technique so you are positioned to attack – but nearly impossible to take down.
  • The most dynamic set-up system to create openings and angles so you can attack your opponent
  • Own the circle – by systematically breaking your opponent's position
  • Learn the finer details that give elite wrestlers the best chance to finish their shots…every time!
  • Much, much, more, aimed at making you a master of the takedown.

Now is the time for you to Win On The Mat!

Introducing: 2019 Mat Machine Camp, June 29 – July 2, 2019 (HS/Jr High)

***registration is closed

  • Crush the Opposition With My Powerful Top System, designed to turn the best athletes
  • Neutralize and Escape from the most devastating rides in wrestling today

Attend this hard hitting camp to discover:

  • How to turn the best athletes quickly
  • Exploit the most common tendencies that athletes do and coaches teach
  • From bottom, shut down the opponent's attacks in the first split-second
  • Learn why it never matters what the opponent's first move is…from top or down
  • Much, much more to fast track your top and down positions

Attack System Premier: our advanced program for the elite
Attack System wrestler

If you are dedicated to Attack System Wrestling and ready for the most advanced training available to put you on top of the podium, you must be a part of this!

Train at our most advanced event, specially designed for our most dedicated Wrestlers

  • Learn Training techniques used by the champions
  • Advanced finishes and scrambles you will use on the biggest stage
  • Winning the mental battles to wrestle your best when it counts the most
  • Learn a complete turn and pin system from top to bottom!
  • Automate your bottom countering so you are ready for the most advanced top tactics in the sport!
  • And much more!

Attack System Premier, Session 1, Takedown Mastery: June 21-23 (now closed)
Attack System Premier, Session 2, Mat Mastery: July 5 – 7

This series is specially designed for those who are dedicated to mastering the Attack System Way of Wrestling. It is a MUST for the advanced Attack System Wrestler who is ready to train at the Highest Level. Come prepared to train like a champion!

Limit: 15 athletes

Summer Youth Camps: the catalyst for your youth
wrestler’s long-term success

Younger Youth Skills Camp for Grades 1-3 (closed)

Introduce your young athletes to the Easy to Learn, Nearly Impossible to Stop System for Winning More Matches!

This summer, make a REAL difference in your wrestling…and your life.

The Great Equalizer, Mental Training, is taught and developed at every Attack System Camp.

Mental toughness is built through small victories. Not through sitting on the couch and thinking about it, but through Real Actions. Doing the extra sprint, climbing the extra rope, pushing through when it hurts. Do you possess the mental toughness to do this?

Champions are not born, they are made. Did you know that there is a path toward developing the Winner's Mindset, even if you don't currently possess it?

You can gain your Mental Edge this summer. You can come here and learn specific techniques that help you develop your mindset. These techniques are only taught here, you can't get them anywhere else.

Learn to:

  • shut out negative thoughts and messages
  • gain your mental edge in every match…regardless of the opponent
  • utilize your mental game to get better workouts and more intensity
  • learn and utilize new technique faster than ever before

2019 Summer Camp Schedule:

2019 High School/Junior High Camps:

Attack System Takedown Master Camp: June 16-19, 2019 (registration now closed)

Attack System Premier: Takedown Mastery: June 21-23, 2019 (registration now closed)

Attack System Mat Machine Camp: June 29 – July 2, 2019 (registration now closed)

Attack System Premier: Mat Mastery: July 5-7, 2019

2019 Youth Camps

Younger Youth Skills Camp: June 10-11 2019 (Commuter) (registration now closed)

Older Youth Takedown Master Camp: June 12-14 2019 (Resident/Commuter) (registration now closed)

Older Youth Mat Machine Camp: July 8-10 2019 (Commuter)