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[Important note:   My chief means of communication is email, which is why athletes in my building are on the list.  Its also how you get promo codes to save money, like the above program.

Small Group Training at the Attack Barn

Personalized, in-season training so you re-enforce this winning system of wrestling and are ready to execute it when it counts the most.

High School/Junior High: Sundays

Youth (grades 3-6): Mondays

Now you can train here up to 10 sessions a month!

The personal touch you can't get anywhere else

  • You have full-season access to my knowledge and advice
  • stuck in a position? See me for solutions
  • access to my Barriers to Success mental edge system
  • Special training videos only available to small group athletes
  • weight management consultation available
  • Struggle with lack of confidence? See me.
  • I'm here for you!


Small Group Training is our in-season training program that starts late November, and runs through the months of December, January and February.

Athletes are paired in groups of approximately 10 athletes each (give or take), with the goal being to provide you with your best training opportunity.

Pairings are done by me (Coach Randy) following the registration period.

Note:  The best way to get paired with your ideal training partners, in your most ideal group, is to submit your registration as early as possible.**

**Limited space available

This season you can win with high level, precise turns such as:

Dynamic turns that score against the top athletes – from every position

  • Turns from the base
  • turns from flattened out
  • turns from standing

Score off your opponents' shots

  • Train to win using the BEST move to hit first from Front Headlock (warning:  its not head in the hole like most think)…and gives you a huge jump on the competition – and leads to the most dynamic Front Headlock series that scores tons of points fast
  • Score from go behind (avoiding the 3 key mistakes the majority of the wrestling world makes)
  • Counter the opponent's Front Headlock (shut it down in a split second)
  • Drill to beat the opponent's go behind by exploiting the secret flaw 95% of all wrestlers make (and most coaches miss)

Attack Your opponent relentlessly on your feet

  • Put him on defense immediately and keep him there
  • utilize advanced handfighting techniques to shut down high level wrestler
  • score multiple ways on your opponent

Commitment levels

Gold level commitment

All-Season (December-February) Pass 

Double-Silver level commitment (not available)

Two-Month PassSign up for a two month pass  (No longer available for 2018-19).

Silver level commitment (not currently available)

Monthly PassSign up for one month (not currently open)

Tryout (not currently available)  We occasionally open up our room to athletes wanting to participate in a tryout session, and if all goes well, offer them a spot in our training.  You will receive an email when this option is available

***Bonus Advanced Training sessions worth as much as $147
Outsiders pay $49 each for these special sessions – you can get all 3 for FREE!

Only Small Group athletes are invited to the Small Group Advanced Series for free, where special training events highlight specific, high level technique.  Events such as February 18 2019's Medal Blast, January 15 2019's Finishing School, December 18 2018's BLASTER, Critical 3 for Peak Performance (late Jan 2018), Power System (December 2017),  Leg Countering special (January 2018),  Pinner's Paradise (January 16 2018), Counter Attacks (January 2017), and Pinning Combinations (February 2017), and Handfighting Extravaganza.
These training events, when offered to the public (not all of them are – some are just for small group athletes)  cost $49 each.   For you, the committed small group athlete…  FREE.

First Advanced Training of 2018-19:  BLASTER (Tues. Dec 18 2018)
Second Advanced Training of 2018-19:  Finishing School (Tues. Jan 15, 2019)
Third Advanced Training:   Peak Performance Master Training w/special guest Dave Fogle  (Jan 29, 2019)
February Advanced Training:  Medal Blast – Monday February 18

Here's who can join us at Small Group Training

The following athletes are eligible to participate in Small Group Training

  • Junior High athletes
  • High School athletes
  • Youth (grades 3-6**) (we might accept mature 2nd graders – email me first)

Training Dates and Times

Core Training Days and times

  • Junior High/High School:  Sundays:  6:30 session
  • Youth:  Mondays at 7:00 pm

You can now train here up to 10 times per month!

Bonus Workouts:

These voluntary workouts are held on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are available for all groups

Bonus “trap move" Tuesdays: You can get an extra workout and Learn one of my slick Trap Moves as well
Live Blast Wednesdays: Come in for a short, hour-long workout with lots of live!

**You are always notified about Bonus days via emails

2019 Small Group Training Core Workout Schedule:

Junior High and High School:

  • Nov-Dec: Nov 24, Dec 1, 8, 15
  • January: 5, 12, 19, 26
  • February: 2, 9, 16, 23 (and into March!)
  • March: 2 (bonuses to follow)


  • Nov-Dec: Nov 25, Dec 2, 9, 16
  • January: 6,13, 20, 27
  • February: 3, 10, 17, 24 (and into March!)
  • March 3

**Bonus Tuesday and Live Blast Wednesdays will be announced via emails

Note: We Do Not Pro-rate for missed sessions, or sessions postponed due to weather or cases of emergency… however, bonus sessions are offered each month and we will make every effort to add extra sessions if needed.

*2019-20 Fees

(Cost for Gold Level (All-Season – Dec-Feb) Commitment: only $580 
3 Payment options:
20 week plan (for a limited time) ($29 per week)
10 week plan ($58 per week)
Pay it off now (One $580 payment)

Cost for Double Silver Level (Two Month) Commitment only $390 (not currently open)
2 Payment options:
10 week plan ($39 per week)
Pay it off now (one $390 payment)

Cost for Silver Level (One Month) Commitment:: (not currently open)
2 Payment options:
3 week plan ($75 per week for 3 weeks)
Pay it off now (one $225 payment)

Cost for Try-it-Out one-time sessions (when open): $49

Cost for Advanced Training sessions: $49**

**Save $15 when you sign up for the list (you can do that here)