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**apply early – this camp filled up fast last year.

Fall Fusion: Youth Takedown Mastery: Nov 8-9, 2019
Grades: 3-6 (and mature 2nd graders)

Registration is now Open!

Just like the older athletes, you too can discover the secret to relentlessly attacking your opponent multiple ways with this powerful system

Here’s what you’ll discover at Fall Fusion – Youth Takedown Mastery:

  • A simple technique so you are positioned to attack…but nearly impossible to take down.
  • The simplest methods to create openings and angles
  • Own the circle using my unique system of set-ups to break your opponent
  • Capture the finer details that give elite wrestlers the edge to finish their shots…every time!
  • Mental tricks to fuse mind with body – so you can Accelerate your learning curve – and leave poor habits behind like they never existed
  • Discover the lost art of wrestling: scoring from the opponent's shots
  • Much, much, more, aimed at training YOU to achieve takedown mastery

Accelerate your learning curve.

Want to make the connection…mind to body…so you can quickly incorporate new technique like you've been drilling it for months?

If you have a bad technical habit you can't seem to fix, such as:

  • arm too deep on front headlocks
  • getting buried underneath, on both knees, on your shots…
  • struggling with leg riders
  • anything else (tell me at camp so we can fix it)

You can fix these habits more quickly than you realize.

But you can't do it unless you're willing to let go of some old ways of approaching wrestling that didn't work then, and they don't work now.

This is a one of a kind training experience. When you step in my building, you will immediately notice the difference. I get to know you personally – and help you reach your goals.

Fall Fusion: Youth Takedown Mastery: November 8-9, 2019
Arrival Time: 6 – 7 pm on Friday
Departure Time: Saturday at 6 pm
Note: Athletes have the option to reside on Friday night or commute.
Cost: Only $249 (early rate)

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This training will unquestionably accelerate your wrestling performance. But just in case you’re not convinced – here’s my personal assurance to you: