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Introducing: Randy’s Fall Fusion Camps

Attack system definition of fusion: FUSE together Body and Mind so you can internalize technique FASTER and leave poor habits behind like they never existed

Build your fast-action plan for greater success this fall by doing this:

Step 1: Learn how to snag your positives from a match - and turn them into everyday actions

Step 2: How to make evaluations that build a path for quick fixes in areas needing improvement

Step 3: Develop your strongest mental game possible - eliminate anxiety and dread, and look forward to the experience

Kyle's fatal mistake, that fateful March day, which cost him a chunk of his legacy.

Kyle Snyder, Ohio State's star wrestler, made one fatal mistake his freshman year in the national finals: he locked his hands wrong. With his wrong hand on top, the opponent quickly peeled the hand, locked him up and threw him to his back.

His wrong-hand lock is more common than it used to be, when every high school coach (at least every one that I knew personally, taught it right. In recent years, that simple detail, like many others in the wrestling world, has slipped through the cracks. we will cover it at takedown camps this fall, along with other fatal flaws in our sport that you can exploit for your own gain.

Advance Your Wrestling Skills Faster, Rid Yourself of Bad Technical Habits That are
Holding You Back, And Leapfrog To The Next Level…
and start your season off with a BANG

Discover these mental tricks to fuse mind with body!

Want to make the connection…mind to body…so you can quickly incorporate new technique like you've been drilling it for months?

If you have a bad technical habit you can't seem to fix, such as:

  • arm too deep on front headlocks
  • getting buried underneath, on both knees, on your shots…
  • struggling with leg riders
  • anything else (tell me at camp so we can fix it)

You can fix these habits more quickly than you realize.

But you can't do it unless you're willing to let go of some old ways of approaching wrestling that didn't work then, and they don't work now.

Instead, you can discover how to give your body the instruction to release any old habit and adapt to the new one…quickly.

This is a one of a kind training experience. When you step in my building, you will immediately notice the difference.   I get to know you personally – and help you reach your goals.

2019 Fall Fusion - Takedown
Oct 25-26 (HS/Jr High)

**Registration is now open

2019 Fall Fusion - Mat
Nov 1-2 (HS/Jr High)

**Registration is now open 

2019 Fall Fusion - Youth Takedown Mastery
Nov 8-9 (3rd-6th grade - and mature 2nd graders)

**Registration is now open

Once you have trained at Fall Fusion camps, there's no better way to internalize my system than to train all season long…so you are prepared to win when it counts the most.

Here's How:

Right now, you can hold your spot for our in-season training program, Small Group Training, at a huge discount…and guarantee that you won't be shut out just as you're trying to peak.

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