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What's new in 2020?  What isn't? 

The biggest change in format for the longest running club in History, in History.


2020 ACE Groups


Start Date:  Sunday September 27.


Number of training sessions per group:  9 (one per week for 9 weeks).


How do ACE Groups work?

Very similar to our SuperGroup concept from the summer.  Athletes will train in a group of not more than 6 athletes.

Each athlete will follow our very detailed Health Protocol (updated and strengthened to meet the challenge of Covid-19).

Group Training Times:  TBA however…

as many as 3 groups may train on Sundays

as many as 2 groups will training on Mondays.

a group may also train on Tuesday.

Training time:  1 hour 15 minutes

Example:  Group A (let’s just call them the Lost Warriors for example), might arrival at 1 pm every Sunday. That group would complete all health protocols  prior to the session starting.

Pickup time would be 2:45 pm.

Group B, let’s just call them the Guy Fieri Fan the fillets Club, might arrive every Sunday at 3:30 pm.

That group would complete all health protocols  prior to the session starting.

Pickup time would be 5:15 pm.

Group C, maybe they’d be called the Lost Crew, might arrive every Sunday at 6:00 pm.

That group would complete all health protocols  prior to the session starting.

Pickup time would be 7:45 pm.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays may possibly feature bonus trainings and events (To Be Determined.)

Your steps to latching onto a group:

Step One:  join the email list (if you haven’t already)

Step Two:  Look for the promo code that every new subscriber gets to save $15 on training.

Step Three:  hit the blue “go here to join us" button (be sure the promo code works before you complete the process.  I always recommend copying and pasting the code to avoid typing errors).

Step Four:  Submit your short Training Group form (with legalese waiver). (be sure to include every potential time you are available – this will greatly increase your chances of getting accepted.

Step Five:  I will send into on ACE Groups to those who are accepted, and will send you the link to complete registration.

Special Note:  You will NOT be billed at this time, until you have been place in a group.

Note:  Emails will go out close to daily this week – register early to give yourself a jump on the competitors.


The Attack System “Launch Pad" for making 2020-21 your best season yet!

Come explore why many of the top wrestlers in Central Ohio (and further) have made Attack Club East their launch pad to an outstanding wrestling season for many moons.

It can all start right here with this introductory program to my powerful Attack System.

Although many wrestlers return year after year to take advantage of this opportunity, if you have never trained with me this is a great place to start.

“What is ACE?"

ACE, also known as Attack Club East, is the longest running wrestling club in Central Ohio. Through the years, Attack Club East has been the home to many of Central Ohio's best wrestlers. But that's not all…
Athletes have come far and wide to train here – to name a few, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and even California.

Attack Club, its original name, started way back in the late 1980's in Franklin County. Now its permanent home is the Attack Barn in Licking County.

ACE is a membership club. Athletes sign up and commit to the full length of the  program – ensuring that YOU will have consistent, dedicated partners when you train here.

A look at just a few things on board in 2020 ACE

  • Bonus Grinder Sessions (NOT for the casual wrestler – consider yourself warned)
  • Jedi mind tricks you can use to exploit every human opponent you meet (warning: non-humans require differing strategies)
  • A simple technique to wrestling with a confidence boost every match
  • an easy to learn technique that can double your takedowns immediately and give you an edge on nearly every opponent
  • The finer points of the best takedown in wrestling (used by Olympian such as Henry Cejudo, and Ohio State star Nathan Tomasello, to name a few), that mean the difference in having an 'ok' takedown – or shredding top level competition with it, just like they have.

The Open Mat Concept

A common theme in early fall is the open mat concept. These open mats spring up all over as a way to wrestle before the season starts. While open mats used to be a safe and effective method for getting some wrestling time in before season starts, it's now the highest risk,  lowest value time you can spend trying to improve your wrestling.  Few protocols, if any, are applied at such events.

Ways that Attack Club East is better than Open Mat

Attack Club East

√√Structured training
√√Learn the Attack System
√√See improvement every week
√√Nice group size every week with dedicated, consistent partners

√√Top Covid-19 preventive heath protocols in wrestling.

Open Mat

xx no structure – “show up & wrestle"
xx no system to learn
xx may improve – may not
xx attendance is up and down – you may have partners…you may not.

xxPartners not likely to be screened for Covid or other illnesses.

xxShowers often not even available (!)

Launch your best wrestling season at Attack Club East!

2020 ACE on Sundays Mondays and Tuesdays (plus bonuses talked about about above and in emails)

Location: The Attack Barn, Pataskala, OH 43062

When: Every Sunday/Monday from September 27 through November 23

Time: Each group with their own time window.

Cost for a full 9 Week* Membership in 2020: only  $190  $170 (early rate expires September 23)

Email me for generous Sibling discounts

Get on the email list today to receive your personal invitation PLUS promo code saving you $15!

**lowest rates guaranteed for those on the list

2020 ACE groups are now taking registrations. Check your email for the link.