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My Philosophy

My Philosophy

I have trained athletes of all ability levels for over 25 years...state champions (too numerous to count), athletes who have gone on to All-American at every collegiate level of wrestling...and also everyone in between. For me its about taking each and every athlete and helping him (and occasionally her) and maximizing one's potential.

Champions do what it takes to wrestling as well as in life...

physical and mental toughness, hard training, and excellent technique. The best do this and live this.

I help athletes learn what it means to train like a champ and reach your potential.

Attack System Training

No matter what your level…

and we have athletes at the highest levels, as well as those who are just starting with us…

understand that its different here.

Learning to win at anything in life involves a systematic approach that includes seeing, learning, training, and internalizing the most important techniques. Just as you’d never expect to become good at baseball by seeing a fancy stance one time, you can’t expect to be good at wrestling by seeing things once. It takes training, not ‘show-and-tell’.

If its worth learning, its worth training at a high level so you internalize it.

Attack System Philosophy

Anytime opponents put their hands on you, they give you a scoring opportunity.

There are three fundamental elements to the Attack System:

1. Position yourself so you can’t be attacked
2. Shut down your opponent’s offense from every position
3. Break your opponent so you can score

If you are considering training here….

Your first step is getting on the email list…in every athlete (or parent of athlete) who trains here is on the athletes list.

This is important because I want you to understand as much about me as possible before making your decision. After getting regular messages from me (and I send emails often, so be ready), you will quickly know whether Attack System Training is a good fit for you. If so, you will be informed about opportunities that are age/experience appropriate. If not, hey – no biggie. Not everyone’s a fit for Attack System Wrestling.

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My Wrestling Background

I was a Collegiate All-American in the 80’s. My belief in hard work and clean lifestyle mirrors my own methods of achieving success. My 3rd place finish in the NCAA Nationals was followed by a 4th place finish in the Olympic Regionals in Atlanta in 1988, and a 2nd place finish in the Iowa Olympic Regionals in 1992. I also won the AAU Senior Nationals around that time and was awarded the MVP award for the tournament.

My Coaching and writing background

After spending 6 years as an assistant, I was head coach at Capital University from June 1993 until the program was eliminated following the 2001 season. The program (and the school) received national recognition by garnering two All-Americans in 1999, placing my school in the Top 20 in the nation. The team was also ranked in the top 20 for much of the 2000 season. This recognition for a sports team at Capital was rare for this highly competitive academic institution, a school with little or no emphasis on athletic success. Only one other program on Capital’s campus had finished in the Top 20 in the nation in the previous 15 years. I was proud of the team’s achievements while there at my alma mater, but the school didn’t share my commitment to winning. Since the program was dropped in 2001, I have had the opportunity to do what I do best – train athletes to win – on a full-time basis.

I also wrote articles for several outlets, including Intermat and The Wrestling Mall, and covered some events for such as the Ohio High School State Tournament. In addition, I appeared on Takedown Radio with Scott Casber numerous times, including a series of technique programs in 2005. In the past, I also covered the State Tournament on behalf of this website, with articles, videos, pictures and results.

Our new training center, located in beautiful Pataskala, Ohio, opened in the summer of 2014. It is a terrific, standalone facility with everything an athlete needs – great wrestling room equipped with ropes, pull-up bars and peg boards (as well as a brand new 2014 Attack system mat), and locker room fully equipped with showers…all on 20 acres of country land.